Front view of the indoor kitten suite

deluxe Indoor suite for kittens

These suites cater for very young cats with their own play gym. These rooms are 2m long by 1m wide, the doors are specially designed with a much smaller wire weave pattern to reduce curious kittens getting their head stuck, (we ask that collars are removed on entry for this reason also). A few of these suites have a door flap that can be unlocked to allow families of kittens or cats to share a second suite space.

These are extremely large suites 2m long by 1.5m wide with large climbing gyms and new ramps and shelves, 2 to 4 cats can share these suites.

These suites are very popular also with our blind, aged and three legged cats. Portable steps are available if required. Storage of carry cages is allocated above all suites to ensure the owners cages aren’t misplaced. This building has air conditioning.