Inside of the indoor/outdoor suite

Indoor/Outdoor suite

These suites are very popular with pet owners whose cats like the outdoors and venture outside at home, this suites are a little smaller than the deluxe indoor/outdoor rooms. Our inside/outside suites give the owners peace of mind because of the security and ability for cats to stay safe with exclusion barriers between cats on the outside shelves, a secondary smaller weave wire overlays the perimeter wire of the outside cages to prevent access by toads and snakes. The outside has ramps down to their very own private courtyard to laze in or just check out the cats in the opposite building or neighbours. This building has air conditioning.

A few of these suites also have a door flap inside that can be unlocked to the adjoining suite if 2 cats from one family need separate suites for some time alone, but also allows them to mingle on occasions.

These suites are 1.5m deep and 0.9m wide with a similar sized space outside.